Pray for Sen. Tim Johnson

Here is my commentary this weekend for

This is Albert Mohler for In Washington a senator is fighting for his life. Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota underwent emergency surgery on December 13 after suffering a brain hemorrhage. He is currently recovering from that surgery and is receiving critical care. His long-term prognosis is unknown.

Sen. Johnson is a Democrat, and the national media immediately began speculation about whether Sen. Johnson’s health crisis would tip the balance of power in the Senate. The political calculations are inevitable, I suppose, but for concerned citizens, the issue right now cannot be political.

Our first responsibility is to pray for Sen. Johnson’s full and complete recovery. Before he is a senator, he is husband, father, and grandfather. A man is fighting for his life at George Washington University Hospital in the nation’s capital. Let’s pray for Sen. Tim Johnson, his wife Barbara, his children Brooks, Brendan, and Kelsey, and grandsons Sutton, Cooper, and Ari. The time for prayer is now. The politics will have to wait. I’m Albert Mohler.

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