The Media Elite Strike Again — Who Is Out of Touch?

America’s media elite prove themselves time and again to be out of touch with the American people. Just consider a recent editorialin The Los Angeles Times.

In this piece, the paper’s editors lament the fact that the highest courts of New York and Georgia handed down decisions against same-sex marriage. The editors argue that the courts “moved in the opposite direction of history and justice on same-sex marriage.”

The editors were especially outraged at the decision of the New York court, coming in this case from a generally liberal state.

The editors see same-sex marriage as inevitable, and marriage as a social convention and legal construct that can be made into whatever some might demand. But whenever the people have had a chance to vote on this question, it isn’t even close.

A great majority of the American people know what marriage is. America’s media elite, on the other hand, are hopelessly out of touch.

LINK: The New York Times, also very supportive of same-sex marriage, nevertheless featured a very fair and representative news report on the New York court’s decision [go here].

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