Down Syndrome and a ‘Duty’ to Abort — The Coral Ridge Hour Exposes the Truth

I appeared on the January 22 edition of the The Coral Ridge Hour to discuss the fact that the majority of Down Syndrome babies are now being aborted in the womb — victims of the Culture of Death and its logic of unworthy life. The broadcast is available online here and here. News coverage is available here.

The medical logic is now shifting toward a duty to abort babies diagnosed with genetic abnormalities such as Down Syndrome. Columnist George Will, father of a son with Down Syndrome, reports that 80% of all babies diagnosed with the condition are now aborted.

I appreciate the fact that The Coral Ridge Hour exposed its many viewers to this assault upon human dignity and the sanctity of human life.

See also my articles, “A Duty to Abort — You Have Been Warned” and “A New Threat to Human Dignity — Down Syndrome Revisited.”

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