Adrian Warnock Interviews Mark Dever

UK pastor and blogger Adrian Warnock interviewed my good friend Mark Dever during his recent visit to Great Britain. He summarized the interview here, and made it available to readers of his very interesting Weblog.

A few select paragraphs:

We spoke for a while about what are Mark’s passions and what he sees are the most important things facing the church at the moment. Mark spoke about being passionate about getting the church as a whole equipped to evangelise. He is eager for his church members to be able to share the gospel and not just their testimonies.He felt that as always the challenge facing the church is to continue to be faithful. He believes we now live in cultures that are openly hostile to the gospel and that the more clearly people understand our message the more they hate us!

We spoke of the imporance of preaching the unchanging gospel to the modern audience. He believes that we should not jetison old words like “justification” but rather as people have done for hundreds of years educate our congregation to understand the full message of the bible. It is clear that he believes that many are “dumbing down” the message. Mark was anxious to point out however, that he does not doubt the motives of many who far from intentionally dumbing down are simply trying to make the message accessible today. He also pointed out the dangers of going too far the other way and preaching theological lectures that are not helpful, and alive today.

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