You Will Hear About This Sooner or Later

A play, “Southern Baptist Sissies,” written by Del Shore is currently playing at the Zephyr Theatre in Los Angeles. Here is a summary of the play taken from a review posted at the play’s official Web site:

‘Southern Baptist Sissies’ is cathartic as well as being comical. It combines a “good old down home” farcical comedy with sparkling lines in the first act with a more serious soul-searching drama in the second part of this 2 hour, 20 minute production. The play investigates the enormous fear and guilt suffered by four clean cut, white teenage boys whose lives are centered around the church when they discover that there are raging hormones that are sometimes “unnatural” and an abomination to their reactionary church and traditional family life.

The play had been staged a few years ago in small theaters, but did not garner the press attention that is likely to come through its staging in Los Angeles. The play is also being staged in Indianapolis, according to this article in The Indianapolis Star.

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