John Leo on “The Parent Trap”

Columnist John Leo of U.S. News and World Report provides an excellent summary of a notewrothy controversy in Lexington, Massachusetts. In his article, “The Parent Trap,” published in the magazine’s current issue, Leo explains how David and Tonia Parker got themselves in trouble.

The article should be read by all parents — and by all who care about the rights of parents. David Parker found himself arrested at the request of local school officials after he protested the fact that his 5-year-old son was being taught to accept gay marriage. The story is chilling and urgent.

As Leo remarks: The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts said the school is on sound legal ground (no surprise there), arguing that “public education would grind to a halt if parents had the right to demand classes tailored to each child based on the parent’s moral views.” So . . . whose moral views prevail?

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