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My friend Hugh Hewitt has started a new project and he has invited me to be a part of it. “One True God Blog” is…


My friend Hugh Hewitt has started a new project and he has invited me to be a part of it. “One True God Blog” is a forum for genuine and respectful theological discussion. It’s just getting started, but you won’t want to miss it. In addition to Hugh (and myself), the participants include John Mark Reynolds of Biola College (Eastern Orthodox), Mark D. Roberts of Irvine Presbyterian Church (Mainline Protestant), Amy Welborn (Mainstream Roman Catholic), and David Allen White (Traditionalist Roman Catholic). [See here for more information on participants.]
Hugh’s first question concerned demons, and was raised by the new film, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. [Read the dialogue here.]
From my most recent post: The concept of the demonic effectively refutes the idea of moral relativism. The very concept of demons implies an absolute and undeniable evil. Indeed, even ardent secularists find themselves using the terms “demon” or “demonic” when referring to the grotesque moral evil represented by Adolf Hitler and his “final solution of the Jewish problem,” for example. Nevertheless, the Bible clearly presents demons as far more than symbols of evil.
One more thing: We must be very careful to avoid any kind of dualism here. The Devil and the demons are not supernatural and spiritual beings on par with God. To the contrary, they are created spiritual beings who rebelled agianst God and will face His sure and certain judgment. This is another reason why we must be careful not to give them more then they are due, in terms of attention.
Christians who live in fear of demons deny the power of God that protects them. Christians who are fascinated with demons demonstrate a state of immaturity and spiritual imbalance.

R. Albert Mohler Jr.

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