Hamsters Impacted by Cigarette Smoke

From the latest scientific research: Hamsters exposed to cigarette smoke are significantly less likely to conceive, according to a recent study from the University of California at Riverside. The researchers found that he microscopic hairs, or cilia, inside the oviduct, which transport eggs, cannot move it to where fertilization occurs.
When the upper region of the hamster oviduct alone was exposed to six types of cigarette smoke, eggs were 50 to 90 percent more likely to stick to the oviduct than was the case in control animals that were not exposed.
The concern, of course, isn’t about infertile rodent couples. The study shows that cigarette smoke impacts a variety of organs, which has greater implications for humans.
Just keeping us all well informed. I just loved that last paragraph. Not that we shouldn’t be concerned about the frustration experienced by infertile rodent couples, of course.

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