We Need More Faithful Husbands — Not ‘Passive Nice Guys’

Mark Chanski, a pastor in Holland, Michigan, thinks that many Chistian men fall far short of the biblical vision of what he calls “husbanding.” Several significant cultural factors have contributed to this reality, but Chanski sees even deeper theological issues at stake. Taking his cue from billiards, Chanski describes weak husbands as “passive nice guys,” who have fallen prey to “passive-purple-four-ballism.” The purple ‘4’ ball on the pool table is passive, and so are too many men, Chanski argues. His book, Manly Dominion, is worth careful attention. Young men of the rising generation of Christian men needs this book — and so do many of their fathers. Here’s a sampling:

The constant imbibing of feminism, mixing together with man’s native sinfulness, has resulted in an epidemic of passive-purple-four-ballism in modern marriages. Men have permitted themselves to be emasculated into a company of wimp eunuchs, who believe it should be their goal to strive toward being passive nice guys in their homes. We’ve been told, and actually now believe, that “authority” is a naughty word, that male headship is abusive, and that aggressive leadership is rude. Thus, husbands have abdicated the driver’s seat and taken a back seat in their marriages.

Adam has become the poster-boy for today’s fashionably easy-going husband. Instead of assertively standing at the forefront of his marriage, talking nose to nose with the crafty serpent, he’s content to sit back and let Eve to the talking. And when Eve gave her husband the fruit, instead of standing up like a man and boldly refusing to transgress God’s Word, he passively caved into the unprincipled and misguided desires of his wife (cf. Genesis 3:1-6). As a result, Adam cursed his family.

This sad Genesis portrait epitomizes most modern marriages. And it’s our fault, men! We’ve got to reject modern thinking and take up biblical thinking. Without apology, the Scriptures teach that the man is to be the leader in his marriage and in his home. Husbanding is a crucial endeavor requiring manly dominion.

The book is available from Calvary Press.