The Navajo Defend Marriage — Testimony to General Revelation

The Associated Press reported on Sunday that the Navajo Nation’s tribal government mustered sufficient votes to override a veto of the “Dine Marriage Act of 2005.” The Navajo council voted 62-14 (with 12 abstaining) to override Navajo President Joe Shirley, Jr.’s veto of the measure.
The Navajo, who refer to themselves as the Dine, had passed the act, defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman, prohibiting plural marriages, incestuous marriages, and same-sex unions.
Listen to delegate Kenneth Maryboy of Montezuma Creek, Utah: “In the traditional Navajo ways, gay marriage is a big ‘no-no.’ It all boils down to the circle of life. We were put on the Earth to produce offspring.”
That is clear and affirming evidence of general revelation — of the fact that God has revealed the reality of marriage to peoples of all cultures, ethnicities, and races. Given the corrupting power of sin, all peoples have done damage to marriage in their own way, and all have given ample evidence of missing the point at times. Nevertheless, marriage has a way of shining through — and the inherently heterosexual nature of the marital bond is rightly connected to procreation. Just listen to Mr. Maryboy. We are here on the earth to produce offspring, he says. That argument is not a comprehensive expression of a biblical worldview, but, in its own way, it reflects the glory of God in creation — and in marriage. Hats off to the Dine Nation.
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