The Christian Intellectual Challenge–A Visit to Union University

I was honored by the invitation to serve as the commencement speaker for Union University’s Class of 2005. An edited text of my commencement address is published as today’s commentary. The second part will be published tomorrow.

My visit to Union University was a great experience. Located in Jackson, Tennessee, the school is among the very few institutions now setting the pace for Christian higher education. Under the leadership of President David S. Dockery, Union has built a stellar faculty of evangelical scholars. It’s academic programs demonstrate genuine excellence, while a Christian worldview perspective permeates the curriculum. Union faculty members have written an important text on the Christian worldview and collegiate education, Shaping a Christian Worldview.

I was greatly honored by my induction into the Carl F. H. Henry Society of Fellows at the university. Union is host to the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Christian Leadership, directed by Professor Greg Thornbury. The late Carl F. H. Henry was one of the leading lights of the evangelical movement in America, and a giant among evangelical theologians. He would be very proud of what is happening at Union University.

The graduates looked eager, committed, fresh, and altogether encouraging. Their bright minds and Christian witness will make a real difference in this generation.

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