Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in Kansas

The evolution controversy has hit Kansas again, but not without some strange twists and turns. According to ABC News, a subcommittee of the Kansas State Board of Education is holding hearings in order to consider whether the state’s schools should include Intelligent Design within the curriculum. The hearings were described by ABC News as “trial-like,” painting the event as something like a re-run of the Scopes trial. Interestingly, the evolutionists didn’t show up for the hearings, claiming that their participation would somehow dignify the concept of Intelligent Design. Well, that concept needs no dignity from the evolutionists. The fact is that the Darwinist club is running scared. Their failure to show up in Kansas is evidence of a massive failure of nerve. Sadly enough, confusion abounds. Take this statement from a mother of two Kansas teenagers: “I believe in God, but I’m not sure He created everything. I’m right in the middle.” Right in the middle of what? Just what does she think God did create? Scholars with the Discovery Institute testified on behalf of Intelligent Design. We’ll watch this closely.

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