The Louisville Courier-Journal’s Attack

Unsurprisingly, The Courier-Journal missed the point again. Of course, it wasn’t by accident. There is no way that anyone smart enough to write their lead editorial could be so completely unable to follow a logical argument. In truth, once again they have demonstrated their lack of journalistic integrity. Take this, for example, from today’s editorial page: “Worst of all was the demagoguery of R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He said that putting more evangelicals in judgeships will lead to more rulings consistent with ‘Christian citizenship.’ ‘We are not asking for persons merely to be moral,’ he said. ‘We want them to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.’ It would be hard to articulate a more succinct definition of a theocracy, and that is precisely what this country is not.” Come again? I never even addressed a need for more “evangelical judges” and I did not say that we wanted judges to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. I prefaced my remarks by reminding the church that our mission is a Gospel mission, and that we want to see all persons come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. I had not even mentioned judges at that point. Furthermore, I did not suggest that adding more evangelical judges [a phrase I never mentioned] would lead to rulings consistent with Christian citizenship. I did say that Christians should exercise their Christian citizenship in becoming educated and engaged in the judicial confirmation process. A simple look at a transcript of the event will set the record straight.