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The Briefing 02-17-17

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  • Washington state Supreme Court rules against Christian florist Barronnelle Stutzman in gay wedding case
  • 6th Circuit says Christian prayer at public meetings unconstitutional, challenging SCOTUS precedent
  • Church of England on the precipice of rejecting 2000 years of Christian teaching on homosexuality

The Briefing 02-16-17

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  • Character and credibility: Trump administration roiled by resignations of Flynn and Puzder
  • Bioethics and humanity's future: Gene editing in human embryos gets green light from advisory board
  • "Naked is normal": Taking credit for jumpstarting the sexual revolution, Playboy brings back nudity

The Briefing 02-15-17

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  • When businesses get political, how should Christian consumers respond?
  • History, sin, and memorial: Yale to drop Calhoun's name from College due to his legacy on slavery
  • In upcoming synod, Church of England to "take note" of retired bishops' letter encouraging LGBT reform

The Briefing 02-14-17

  • Celebrating St. Valentine's Day: How the rise of romantic love led to the transformation of marriage
  • The persistence of spirituality in our secular age: Beyoncé and fertility goddesses at the Grammys
  • Inundated with bad news: How the 24-hour news cycle affects our psyche

The Briefing 02-13-17

  • Why the judicial usurpation of politics is a threat to the American constitutional order
  • Neil Gorsuch refuses to get political in catch-22 Q&A session with Senator Schumer
  • How worldview impacts demographics and demographics reveal worldview

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